Synchronet BBS - Multinode Bulletin Board Software

Synchronet System Operator Documentation

Table of Contents


	    NT Services
    Getting Started
    How to Get Help
    About this Manual
    System Configuration
	Configuration Wizard (Windows only)
	Message Options
	System Options
	Toggle Options
	New User Values
	Advanced Options
	Loadable Modules
	System Security Level Values
	Expired Account Values
	Quick Validation Values
	Adding Nodes
		Node Configuration
		Node Toggle Options
		Node Advanced Options
    Configuration Files
    Filter Files
    Creating User Accounts Locally
	  Creating a Sysop Account
	  Creating a Guest Account
Sysop Commands (Remote / Local)
    Sysop Commands
    Definition of a Sysop
    Multiple Sysops
    Local Only Sysop Commands
    Remote/Local Sysop Commands
User Management
    Editing Users Locally
	GUI User Editor (Windows)
    Online User Editor
    Online User Editor Commands
    User Security Fields Explained
    ARS Security
	Introduction to ARS
	ARS Keywords and Symbols
	ARS General Usage Examples
	Nesting ARS Logic
	ARS Nested Logic Examples
Message Bases
    Message Base	
    Electronic Mail
    Adding Message Bases
          Creating Message Groups
             Main Options
          Creating Message Sub-Boards
	     Main Options
          Toggle Options
          Network Options
          Advanced Options
    Importing Messages from Your Previous BBS Software
    Remote QWK Functions
    Networking Message Bases
    QWK Networking
          Network Hubs
          Networked Sub-Boards
          Setting up a QWK Node
          Setting up a QWK Hub
    Transferring Files via QWK Network
    FidoNet Networking
          Step-by-Step Setup
          Sending FidoNet NetMail
    Internet Networking
Internet Mail Server
File Section
    File Transfer Section
    Setting up the File Section Options
          Main Options
    Viewable File Types
    Testable File Types
    Download Events
    Extractable File Types
    Compressible File Types
    Transfer Protocols
    Adding File Libraries
          Main Options
    Adding File Directories
          Main Options
          Toggle Options
          Advanced Options
    Adding Files to File Sections
          Creating an Offline Files Directory
          Creating a Sysop Directory
          Creating a User to User Directory
          Creating a Default Upload Directory
          Supporting Blind Batch Uploads
    CD-ROM and other Slow Media Devices
          Using Alternate File Paths
FTP Server
Chat Section
    Chat Section Configuration
    Artificial Chat Gurus
    Multinode Chat Actions
    Multinode Chat Channels
    External Sysop Chat Pagers
    Internet Relay Chat
External Programs 
    External Programs
    Fixed Events
    Timed Events
    Native (32-bit) Program List
    External Editors
    Adding Online Programs
    Supported BBS Drop File Types
    Callback Verifiers
    Installing a New External Program
    Configuring a New External Program
    External Program Setup Examples
          Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD)
          Trade Wars 2002
          Barren Realms Elite
    Internet Gateways (Telnet, RLogin, etc.)
    Troubleshooting External Programs
Text File Section
    General Text Files
    Main Options
    Adding Text Files to a Section
Telnet/Rlogin Server
    JavaScript services
    Native Services
    Defaults Services
	Finger Service
	NNTP Service
	Gopher Service
	IRC Service
Synchronet Utility Reference
    CHKSMB	(Checks Message Base for Validity)
    FIXSMB	(Fixes Message Base and Mail Indexes)
    SMBUTIL 	(Synchronet Message Base Utility)
    SMBACTIV	(Checks for Active Message Bases)
    ADDFILES	(Importing ASCII File Lists)
    FILELIST	(Creating ASCII File Lists)
    DUPEFIND	(Finds Duplicate Files in Synchronet)
    DELFILES	(Deletes Files from File Base)
    MLABELS 	(Mailing Labels Creation Util)
    QWKNODES	(Create QWKnet Users/Route/Node Lists)
    ALLUSERS	(Command Line Bulk User Editor)
    NODE	(Node Display/Control Utility)
    SLOG	(Node/System Statistics Viewer)
    DSTSEDIT	(Node/System Statistics Editor)
    TOTALS	(Credit Gain/Loss Util for Games)
    ANS2ASC 	(ANSI to Ctrl-A Conversion Utility)
    ASC2ANS 	(Ctrl-A to ANSI Conversion Utility)
Customizing your System
    Menus and Other Text Files
          Text Colors
          Node Action Text
          Trash Can Files
    Message Variables
    Message Color Codes
    SIF Questionnaire File Format
    GURU.DAT (Guru Brain) Modifications
Appendix Information
    Appendix A : Command Line Specifier Reference
    Appendix B : Synchronet (SBBS/SCFG) Command Line Options
    Appendix C : Synchronet Environment Variables
    Appendix D : Wait for Call Status Display (v2 Only)
    Appendix E : Node Status Display
    Appendix F : Log File Line Type Specifiers
    Appendix G : File Formats (Technical Specs for Developers)
Definitions of Commonly Used Terms

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Copyright 2000 by Rob Swindell

Synchronet BBS Software
(Synchronet) Version 3 is comprised of several documentation,
library, executable, and source code files, all of which are covered by the
GNU General Public License
with the exception of the following portions covered by
the GNU Lesser General Public License: SMBLIB and XSDK.

Synchronet Version 2 (for DOS and OS/2) and its source code was released to the
Public Domain
by Digital Dynamics in 1997 and remains Public Domain software today.
Synchronet Version 3 is not Public Domain software.

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